For those who enjoy the peace of mind of fixed
hourly pricing, the ExpertJet X-Card offers a flexible,
all inclusive, no hidden fee solution.

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The smartest solution on the charter market
ExpertJet X Card

Every trip requires the right aircraft for the mission. The X-Card allows members to choose the aircraft category that works best for each trip, without interchange fees, aircraft type restrictions, or blackout dates.

When looking for a substitute to fractional ownership, the X-Card leads the way

ExpertJet X-Card JetSuite Sentient XOJet Marquis FlexJet Magellan Delta Private Jets
No Interchange Fees
Aircraft Type Flexibility
Round Trip Discounts
Cabin Quality Certification
Fuel And Taxes Included
No Credit Card Fees
Refundable Account
Hours Do Not Expire
Guaranteed Recovery Aircraft
Additional Benefits
  • 24/7 Concierge & Trip Support Services
  • Single Click/Touch Bookings
  • Aircraft Category Upgrades
  • Guaranteed Availability with no Blackout Dates
  • Ability to Withdraw Funds
  • No Management Fees
  • Funds Secured in Escrow Account
  • X-Fleet Access
  • Instant Dividend Reward Benefits
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